Monday, October 1, 2012

On an Obama victory

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Poor Conservatives. Throughout history they’ve done everything in their power to stand in front of societal evolution and block it. Conservative Southern farmers wanted to preserve their agrarian lifestyle with its built-in cost saving measure known as slavery. Conservatives in the early 20th century tried to keep women and black people from voting. And Conservative Democrats (remember that party affiliation means nothing once a party changes its platform) in the 1940s and into the 1960s tried unsuccessfully to keep interracial marriage illegal and the races separate but equal. Conservatives lose these social issue battles because they are on the declining side of the important issues.

If by the time the 2014 midterm rolls around the GOP is still dragging their feet, having been completely exposed as obstructionists in this election, it will be like 1998 all over again. In case you forgot, in 1998 the GOP had its ass absolutely handed to them after they spent the better part of the year chasing the Monica Lewinsky Blowjob in the White House scandal. The message was clear, work for us, or get out. Look for a repeat of that message, perhaps even in this election, if the Democrats are able to either hold or even slightly expand their majority in the Senate.

The one economic theory the Romney-Ryan ticket has been pushing is Supply Side economics. It makes sense since that’s what their party has bought into entirely. They are firmly entrenched in their belief that you should pool as much wealth at the top as possible and allow those benevolent job creators to shower down the droppings onto us all. Unfortunately for them though, a Barack Obama victory would mean that the country, by and large, calls “bullshit!” on Trickle Down. An Obama victory means that most Americans do believe that food, shelter and medicine are basic human rights, and that yes, Mittens, we are all entitled to them. Maybe we’re not entitled to champagne and caviar, but we’re entitled to not starve on the streets.
Those fuckers'll keep the voodoo economics going as a talking point forever even though they know it doesn't work because it keeps the money at the top despite being thoroughly discredited. It's how they roll.

From Silent Majority To Silent Minority
This last point is probably the most scary for Conservatives. This is what they’re really fighting for Romney for. They don’t like him so much as they truly fear their way of life being threatened. But the truth is that the country is already starting to marginalize them because of how extreme and obstinate they are. I don’t begrudge anyone their spiritual faith. But the fact remains that this country was founded on the idea that religious sycophancy will not take the place of reasoned debate and legislation. An Obama victory means an important statement on social issues. Birtherism will die finally, or at least be so marginalized that it’ll remain the topic of conversation in hushed circles of out-of-touch rednecks and ignorant fools who bought the conspiracy theory, hook, line and sinker.
Silence?! From the wingnuts?! We should be so lucky.

BTW, I think birthers are the worst of the worst of what we don't like about the fringe loonies. I've lost friends over it. Maybe I'll get 'em back if they sober up. It's on them.

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