Saturday, July 31, 2004

Marching Orders

President Numbnuts:

"I want you to go to, that's where you get your marching orders."

Jawohl! Fucking asshole.

I'm watching his speech live, don't ask why, and I can't believe he's still pushing No Child Left Behind, even after it's been outed as another unfunded mandate that's raising your school taxes. And again he's talking about results. I hope Kerry nails him on this and takes a look at the results of Dipshit's failed policies.

Update: 12:00: Now my blood's boiling:

"When I was standing at Ground Zero . . ."

Well, cocksucker, when my wife was at Ground Zero, two aircraft had just plowed into the World Trade Center. Where the fuck were you then? Reading My Pet-fucking-Goat to a bunch of second graders for seven minutes after the attack. All you could say was "That was one bad pilot"? And you have the balls to say, 'when I was standing at Ground Zero'? I'd really like to kick your ass.

Too bad you can't say, 'When I was standing in Vietnam'.

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