Thursday, September 2, 2004

Avast Matey, There's Buggery Aboard, addendum to last post

This should have gone into the last post. I forgot. One of those senior moments I told you about. This is from Martin Mull, one of the finest, most underestimated comedic minds of the ages:

"We're all friends on this old boat
And none of us are sissies.
We tuck each other in at night,
And blow each other............kissies!"

Now, what is this shit doing on a political blog, you ask? Well, everything has a political slant if you look for it. In these two posts we have touched on: The military-industrial complex: the Navy, ships, and ropes, sails, and hammocks (all manufactured and sold by companies); military recruiting techniques (See Fahrenheit 9/11) and the condition of enlisted servicemen; small businesses; retirees, and, oh yes, I believe we might have mentioned the gay community.

See how it all ties together?

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