Monday, July 17, 2006

Our Goebbels

Cenk Uygur:


For those of you lucky enough to not know Bill Kristol, he is the top neocon intellectual (how's that for a gigantic oxymoron) in the country. He is the editor of The Weekly Standard, the bible of neo-conservatism and warmongering. He is in effect their propaganda minister. And like all good propaganda ministers, he will never bring his pampered, powdered soft ass anywhere near a battle line. But he can't wait for your kid to die in the wars he starts.


It's guys like Kristol who legitimize the foolishness of the Bush administration; the same ones who turned an extramrital blowjob into a national crisis, supposedly worthy of impeaching a President. These people are more dangerous to this nation than al-Qaeda thanks to their stupid, deranged vision of what this nation should be about. They've put fringe behavior on the same plane as reasoned intellectual thought and their pawns in the news media have given them credence thanks to their warped interpretation of 'fairness'.

It is people like Kristol who have given ideas that would have been laughed at years ago a stage and a network of advocates who've exerted constant pressure on the political system. Corruption and patronage have become 'business as usual' for this bunch and any concern for the 'good of the nation' has been left by the wayside.

They've riled up fringe groups, who were once barely given a thought, to attack the foundations of science and the civil rights of Americans, throwing everything accomplished over two centuries away, tarnishing the shine of a place known for its enlightenment.

Living in New York, you sometimes take for granted the diversity here. You see the lady in the harbor and its accepted that most of us have come from somewhere else, can trace our roots back to one wave of immmigration or another and can basically accept there will be more, from other lands looking for what this nation has to offer; the American Dream. People like Mr. Kristol have turned that dream into a nightmare for many who don't look like them or speak English. My people on the German side who came here didn't speak English either when they arrived.

My uncle, Heinrich Konigsamen, came here in the late thirties. He lived in Yorkville in the city, a predominantly German neighborhood and he never learned English. He enlisted in the Marine Corps the day after Pearl Harbor and survived the mad hop through the islands of the South Pacific, learning the language in the process. Over the last three years, we've lost ten Hispanic boys from my town in Iraq. I am certain some didn't speak the language or didn't do it well. Are any of them less Americans?

Mr. Kristol and his ilk would have you believe they are. He would have you believe that rich, white, American interests are more important than anyone else's, even Americans who don't speak English or are brown or black or poor. He would have you believe the natural resources of sovereign nations belong to us and we have the right to dictate how they are used.

While I don't deny Mr. Kristol and his fellow propagandists the right to free speech, I demand morally honest people stand up for their fellow Americans this November. It's time to send them a message at the polls saying that all Americans are important and the poor are not here just to be used for cannon fodder in wars to enrich the despicably wealthy even more.

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