Sunday, October 1, 2006


Barcelona today ... well ... looking at Barcelona. We had the misfortune, or bad planning, or twist of fate, to land here on a Sunday, the place is very Catholic so not much is open, and on the day they're running the Barcelona Marathon. Vehicle traffic is nonexistant and we didn't feel like walking in. I'm sitting at the bar (11 a.m.) having my Hair of the Dog. The Mrs. and I had too much fun last night and got back to the stateroom about 6 hours ago.

Just a note, this is a themed cruise and it's all about big bands. Excellent music but it attracts an older crowd. There are three children on the ship and the Mrs. and I are among the youngest of the passengers. It's great because I've met a bunch of brothers-in-arms from WW2 and Korea and the stories and rememberances are flowing as freely as the liquor. The bad part is trying to walk through a restaurant at 'buffet time'. I'm dodging walkers, canes, and power chairs and let me tell you, these alte cochers mean business when it comes to a free buffet. I don't know how many times I've heard 'get out of my way, sonny'. They're faster than you'd expect too. Oy!

I posted some pics taken from the ship in lieu of going into town.

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