Friday, November 10, 2006

We need our pound of flesh

A lot of folks, more than I thought would, are saying impeachment might not be a good idea when the 110th Congress starts in January. They say, and I understand the point, that impeachment is not good for the country at this time, when we are in disarray and we have some really serious issues to deal with. Listen to me, impeachment has to be considered and acted upon. Why? We need our pound of flesh.

The people of the United States have to see that disregard for the laws of the land, the disregard for the Constitution, and the disregard of the international community cannot happen without paying a price. Just as you and I have to pay when we break the law, so must these assholes.

We cannot perpetuate the meme that because you're rich and connected you get to walk. We see it often enough with celebrities and the wealthy when they run afoul of the law, when they are given the benefit of the doubt because of who they are or how much money they throw around. This is far more serious.

George W. Bush is guilty of criminal acts in the United States and crimes against humanity in the international arena. Can we shrug and discount impeachment when the process was used against Bill Clinton for getting a blowjob? What does that say about the imeachment process itself? What does that say about our priorities as a nation? What does it say about us as human beings when we view an extramarital affair with more disdain than the murder of 3000 of our troops and countless Iraqis?

Internationally, impeachment would send a strong message to our allies and the world that we realize the mistake we made and are doing our damnedest to correct it. If we contain Bush for the next 2 years and then let him ride off into the sunset, we would send the message that we didn't care about the damage wrought in our name at his hand. Impeaching Bush would be a tangible act of contrition that would go a long way to restoring our credibility on the international stage.

No, ladies and germs, impeachment is a necessity for us to move on. The rule of law, shit on for the past 6 years, has to be reestablished and there is no better place to start than with the man who is responsible for this mess.

I want my pound of flesh.

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