Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Repugs are all fi' dolla' ho's

Got this from CAFKIA and gladly posted it at his request:

WhitesCreek Journal

Ann Coulter has previously called for the assassination of President Clinton, Half the Supreme Court, and the New York Times editorial staff. Republicans love her. Then she called John Edwards a faggot. at their big meeting. All the Republicans laughed...until it hit the news. Now they are running away from their dear Ann as fast as their little keyboards will carry them. But there's a problem...

Ann Coulter IS the Republican party. Foul mouthed, hateful, bigotted, prejudiced, and willing to say anything and do anything in order to get her way, no matter how cruel.

Coulter has been the Conservative dream girl for years now. But they/she got caught and they will now toss her aside like a used condom.

Buh-buh, Ann! It's been real. Now you get to find out something that all little girls should know before they go down your chosen path. It's the answer to the question no Republicans ever think about until it's too late:

"Where do old prostitutes go when they're done?"

They go a block south of Hollywood Blvd. and sell it a lot cheaper 'cuz it stinks too much. Just a personal observation.

Perhaps now America will see Conservatism and its embodiment in the Republican party as the festering disease it really is now that the oozing sore which is the likes of Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, Dobson, O'Reilly, and countles others...Now that the oozing sore of Conservative punditry has broken through their skin of respectability, revealing conservatism for the lie it really is.

Nice idea, but too many people will have to admit too much about themselves, that they've been too wrong for too long. A bitter pill, but time to take it.

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