Sunday, December 30, 2007

Primaries ...

By the time they get to New York, it'll be all wrapped up. I'll support whoever the Dems nominate. Let me just say, there's no one who I'd actively campaign for. The only one who rises up a little (in my book) is Chris Dodd, and that's because of his principled stands on some issues.

I don't believe any of them will bring the troops home from Iraq anytime soon. I don't believe any of them are really going to do something about the proliferation of lobbyists in Washington and I don't think we'll get an movement on a good national health care program. Something about Barack Obama worries me and I can't put my finger on it (no, it's not his blackness, or lack thereof). Something about Hillary bugs me too but I know what that is. It's the fact she's too cozy with the money people. Bill Richardson would be a good cabinet secretary or vice president. Edwards ain't bad but I don't think he's got what it takes to stand up to a strong Congress. Joe Biden, for the same reasons Hillary bugs me.

I don't really like any of 'em but Hillary is probably the most qualified. We'll see. Any of 'em are better than the Chimp and his band of criminals.

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