Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Ten Things Republicans Should Never Say to Democrats

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10) “Why Can’t You Reach Across the Aisle and Work With Us In a Bipartisan Fashion Like Joe Lieberman?”

OK, first off, Lieberman is no more a Democrat than Richard Viguerie. Lieberman is like a faux punk rocker who wears clip-on body jewelry. He’s the embedded mole in the Senate sent to us from the Knesset and the Likud party. Caucusing with the Democrats while voting with you maniacs at every opportunity up to the point of publicly endorsing John McCain is so openly hypocritical that I’m amazed members of both parties don’t throw this simpering, skeletal cocksucker a boot camp blanket party.

Secondly, any naïve attempt to reach across your side of the aisle will only result in getting pulled over into your turf whereby any poor, uninitiated naif will get mercilessly rogered and shagged to the point of fatal anal hemorrhaging. It’s notable that Republicans only call for bipartisanship when they’re down on one or (as in the case of Larry Craig and Mark Foley) both knees.

Nine more, ending with:

1) “Why Do You Hate America?”

Ooh, not a good choice.

Not a good choice at all. That one's likely to get a Repug punched. On second thought, they shou;d go ahead and ask me.

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