Friday, May 1, 2009

The Right goes insane

Goes?! It done been fer a while. Mark Morford does a little catchin' up:

Evil overlords to flaccid clowns in the blink of Jesus' eye. Adorable!

There is much good news to be found in the ongoing GOP implosion; their obsession with 'wedge issues' like abortion and gay marriage, along with hilarious claims of socialism and fascism are proving to be the absolute best news for the nation as a whole. Because as the GOP wallows in juvenile spectacle, Obama and the Dems are leaping headlong into one of the most ambitious, invigorating, nation-altering agendas in American history.

Of course, it ain't all flowers and candy. This much unfettered movement for any party, left or right, can also be just insanely dangerous, could theoretically result in a blowback for the Dems exactly as destructive and apocalyptic as the horrendous Bush Era proved to be for the once-temperate Repubs.

Is it already heading that way? Will it happen? Not a chance.

But before we see why, let us enjoy a bit of the comedy. [...]

Please go enjoy a bit of the comedy. Make sure your printer has paper in it. You may wish to pass out copies to your friends.

Blood sugar alert: He's a little sweet on Obama. That's OK.

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