Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Year Haiku 2010 (Part 3: The Readers Write)

The Rude Pundit

Now, on New Year's Eve, rude readers provide you with laughter, tears, and genital excitement:

From Paul H.:
Boehner’s Boner
Obamacare’s a
Pre-existing condition
For John’s erection

From Kevin McV.:
Palin Of The North
Frontier woman brave!
How empow'ring it must feel
To kill Bullwinkle.

From Phil K.:
To be a Fox news anchor?
A skull full of shit!

Let's ring this shit to a close with just a moment of defiance:
From Dave N.:
Give It Up
Fuck all the birthers,
Teabaggers and born agains.
It's our country too.

Fuckin' A Skippy it is! Well said, Dave!

Many more.

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