Sunday, October 15, 2006

Would anything change?

Tristero over at Digby's mulls the question. Just say, and I know we're all hoping, that there's a Dem rout in a couple weeks. A serious Dem majority in Congress. Would the Chimp's power really be reined in or would we have business as usual, as we've had with a Rethug majority?


No. Here's what concerns me. What if Congress passes laws Bush don't like?

Well, he may just go along with some of them. And for some he will surely release a signing statement or just quietly ignore them. But for certain laws that he thinks his actively opposing them will play well to other rightwing extremists - say bills that roll back the "Patriot" Act to something more befitting a free society - I think the odds are good that Bush may actually publicly refuse to follow them, citing the "overriding principle of the unitary executive."

In short, Bush will say, "Try 'n make me." And the amen choir at Fox and elsewhere will stand up for him, deploring a fascist Democrat [sic] Congress trying to Subvert the will of the People.


And do you think the Dems would force a constitutional question? Personally I, like Tristero, think not. If the past is any indication, they'll abdicate their spines in favor of 'not rocking the boat', gun-shy their majority would be lost in '08 as well as their chance at the Presidency. A good read.

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