Sunday, April 15, 2007

Now, Congress, Now!!!

Yesterday if possible.

From CNN: White House: Millions of e-mails may be missing

“Millions of White House e-mails may be missing, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino acknowledged Friday.

"I wouldn't rule out that there were a potential 5 million e-mails lost," Perino told reporters.”

To all of the Dems in Congress why think that "bipartisanship" is the way to go. No mas!!! No more!!! It is clear now that crimes have been committed. High crimes and misdemeanors for sure. Get those subpoenas cut and, above all, and with all due haste get the computers impounded. They may think that they've deleted them, but you'd be amazed what a good computer forensics organization can do. Now, Congress, now. Before it is too late. There will not be another opportunity like this.


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