Monday, March 24, 2008

"So long, Boss. Knock 'em dead. Don't worry 'bout a thing..."

By this time, Fixer and Mrs. F are ensconced aboard QM2, ready to row the damn thing to Panama enjoy their cruise. I always post the lyrics to this song as a way of saying we'll party our asses off mind the store while they're gone, but I actually found the song this time. Why it is set to flight sim helicopeter practice is beyond me. Enjoy.

Check in here and at Worlds to chart their progress, which I'm sure will find the ship draggin' bottom at some point as Mrs. F famously denudes vendors of their wares all over the Hemisphere.

Note to Fixer: Be sure to check out Harry's Bar in Bridgetown. I think they had a slightly different show for the Sailors and Marines than they do for the civilian cruises. Heh. And if you see any kids who look like me, say hi to their grandmothers for me...

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