Thursday, April 17, 2008

Out of touch ...

Cruising around Left Blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that phrase!) via our gigantic blogroll, even on the biggest blogs, you read posts from people who know what it takes to live in what American society these days. You read how the policies of Chimp & Co. actually affect the 'man on the street' and how their lives have been made more difficult and even desperate. Regular Americans speaking out against the injustice perpetrated in their name, against other nations and at home.

And then I read a post about the right's bloggers. Do they care how many regular folks are crushed under the boot of Republican policies? Sadly, No!

When you’re living on wingnut welfare it’s really hard to imagine how the other half lives, I suppose.

When propaganda is what pays the bills, you begin to believe the shit you shovel. I have a lot of interaction with town and county mechanics during the course of the day (they come to us when they have a problem they haven't seen before, or need to borrow something it would take them too long to 'procure' officially). In Nassau County on Long Island (one of the reddest counties in NY), you have to be a registered Republican to get a job in the county garage or the Marine Division. It's a fact of life. These guys are expected to campaign for the Rethug du jour too. Most of these guys actually believe the crap they peddle and they will vote Republican, no matter how much it lightens their wallets (the municipal employees' union is a shadow of what it once was), no matter how much 'productivity' is coaxed out of them while staffs are cut (they're not firing anybody but they're not replacing retirees when they leave either; goes down better that way).

It's sad to see people who are getting hurt not making the connection their association with the Republicans is the cause. It's because they've been told, throughout their lives, that the 'tax and spend Democrats' will put them in the poor house while they support illegal aliens and Jihadists. Thanks to the Rethug Propaganda Machine, they believe the Dems are the reason their property taxes have gone up so much in the last 8 years. They believe the Dems caused the price and unavailability of health insurance and they believe it's Hillary's fault. They believe Obama will give more to the 'welfare queens' (blacks of course) at the expense of 'hard working people' (whites of course). It's what they've been taught to believe by the Rethugs and the corporate media.

It's why I don't have much hope of seeing a Dem in the White House. The Rethugs stacked the deck over the last generation and the Dems are too inept to overcome the disadvantage. Maybe they believe the propaganda too?

Off to work ... wish it was Friday.

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