Monday, February 2, 2009

Republican Suicide Watch

P.M.Carpenter. Go read this one for a warm, fuzzy feeling.

It may now well be America's favorite pastime: Republican Suicide Watch.

As the Post's David Broder observed more than a month ago: "[C]ongressional Republicans ... shrunken ranks are increasingly dominated by right-wing Southerners who care not what their stance does to harm the party's national image."

So when the party's new chairman, Michael Steele, announced last week to his fellow Republicans that his first task would be to address their "image" problem, was he sufficiently aware of just who his fellow Republicans are, and, with respect to the 2010 election, what they're up to?

Because these jokers are becoming political jokes, real fast -- and there's nothing more politically suicidal than that.

I just wish they'd hurry up and die.

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