Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blame ...

Yeah, we all see our tax money wasted, but only conservatives think we should be in jihad against the IRS:


But in my wildest resentful nightmares I would never imagine that it's some clerk, some typist, some middle manager, some auditor, event, at the local IRS office would be to blame for my plight, and would go on the attack against a place where those people work. You know, this is what the "leaders" of the teabagger resentment fest don't get. To them, stirring up tax rage is a completely abstract thing they're doing. To the people listening to them, though, it's disturbingly concrete.

Indeed! There are just as many Christian Mujaheddin as there are Muslim ones willing to go blow themselves (and others) up at the behest of their leaders.

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