Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You want a what?

Athenae is on the rich blowhards who think some hardworking schmuck who survived long enough to earn a pension, shouldn't:


I am about done with comfortably situated loudmouths like this talking smack about the few people in America who've managed to hang on to the pension that used to be considered the due of hardworking men and women. Teachers, bus drivers, janitorial staff, all these people get ridiculed for still belonging to unions that have some power and are willing to fight to keep it. We say, "I don't get a pension, so why should you have one?" instead of, "You get a pension, so why don't I have one?" A pension used to be a middle-class reward for having destroyed your knees on a dock, your eardrums and hands on a factory line, your health in the classroom teaching the feral dingos spawned by your neighbors. It used to be an expectation.


But, big rich assholes who run a company into the ground, lay off thousands of employees, those guys get millions in separation bonuses. But heaven forbid they pay any fucking taxes.

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