Friday, August 17, 2012

Confess sinner!!!

At least, that's what the Frothy Mixture says if you're a Catholic and participate in Obamacare:

While stumping for Mitt Romney in Ohio Wednesday, former presidential hopeful Rick Santorum repeated allegations of President Obama’s so-called “War on Religion,” claiming that Catholics’ freedom of religion is being compromised by the implementation of Obamacare. According to Santorum, whose campaign emphasized his far-right social values, Catholics are being forced to sin by complying with an Obamacare provision that requires employers to provide contraceptive services free of charge:


And I thought we heard the last of him when he lost his primary run. Another boil on the ass of America.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm wondering how this is a sin. I've never heard of any Eleventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not provide contraception coverage to employees not of your religion...."

DBK said...

Since the overwhelming majority of American Catholics have been using birth control for decades, Santorum has as much chance of affecting anyone's vote on that score as my cat.

David Aquarius said...

Personally, DBK, I'd listen to your cat a hellova lot sooner than I would Buttfoam.

Foamy is the classic tool. He's like a mutant Ken doll. Wind him up and he spews out the same garbage the RNC and The Vatican force down his throat.

The only way that crack pimple ever gets an original thought in his head is if one of the Koch Brothers shoots it up his ass.

Happy Sunday!