Friday, September 7, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is losing his mind

Actually, he lost it a long time ago, but the Kool-Aid, or maybe the tertiary syphilis, has rotted his brain to where it shows pretty plainly now. Kos, with deranged-fatass-gasbagcam video.

It is really hard to tell smug, winning, not-losing-his-mind Rush Limbaugh from Rush Limbaugh who sees a trainwreck coming and is desperate to do something, anything about it. But, judging by Limbaugh yesterday, he knows his team is losing and it's putting him over the edge.

The, ahem, highlights: The decision was made yesterday or the day before to move the speech indoors because the knew they wouldn't be able to fill, get this, "Black Panther Stadium." (Carolina Panthers fans are going to be thrilled with that one.) Also, Clint Eastwood's RNC "empty chair" routine totally shows how America is laughing at Barack Obama.

Oh, totally! Heh. "Black Panther Stadium" is actually a little funny.

Republicans are losing and Limbaugh knows it. He's only going to be getting worse, more racist, and more desperate over the next two months.

It would give me the greatest pleasure to see that asshole melt down on air.


CAFKIA said...

I had best not say publicly that which would give me the greatest pleasure vis-a-vis Limpball but feel free to use your imagination along with your military training.

montag said...

If Rush melted down, on air or off, the tidal wave of liquid lard and feces would be like that day the molasses tank burst in Boston. Still, it would be worth it.

Gordon said...

Kinda cryptic, CAFKIA, but if it involves bayonet practice, I'm in.:-)