Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh, the irony

Ironic Times

Newly Declassified Docs Reveal CIA Never Had Any Reason to Believe Iraq Had WMDs
Just the vice president's good word.
We knew that. Why isn't he in prison?

Astronomers Believe Habitable Planet Could Orbit Closest Star
But it would still take nearly 4.4 years, traveling at the speed of light, before we could conquer it, steal its valuable assets and enslave its inhabitants.

NFL: League Mulls Narrowing Goal Posts as Field Goal Success Rate Nearly 88%
Other remedies: blindfolding kickers; using lead ball; English-only requirement.

Romney Pays Surprise Visit to Chipotle
Scares the dickens out of employees.
Note to Willard: Hollering "Migra!" is not a traditional greeting when entering a restaurant kitchen.

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