Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why won’t Obama step up?

If it's Wednesday it must be Morford on President Obama's poor debate performance and why he's going to win anyway. Best line:

Or maybe we should simply join with little Sasha Obama in wondering why the hell her dad was acting like such a pu—y on national TV.

So we scream and throw things at the TV. We shake our heads and sigh in frustration. Knowing Obama is so much more intelligent, conscious, awake to the world than Romney makes the heart hurt, causes consternation and even mild panic. It seems so easy! It seems so obvious! Why doesn’t he nail it? Why doesn’t he jump down Mitt’s lying throat with a wink, a dazzling statistic and a 20-megavolt cattle prod?

This time, he’s going to win on sheer gut instinct. Not his – ours. He’s going to win because no matter what little bump Romney enjoys in a handful of polls, no matter the sad truism that Obama just won’t bare his intellectual fangs and go full throttle at the GOP’s homophobia, racism, misogyny and appallingly awful economic agenda, he has been able to build a beautifully wrought foundation of rock-solid energy lo these past four years.

It’s the reassuring feeling that he’s got it, that when it comes to pulling the trigger on Osama, finally supporting gay marriage, or responding appropriately to nearly any global crisis you can name, Obama’s intellectual acumen hooks right into the still-incredible sense that the man actually has a functioning soul, and you just know: the lights are on. He’s got it under control. There’s tremendous sense of competence where we need it most.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Romney radiates the exact opposite vibe, that he believes half the country is a bunch of whining losers, that he might just be a bit too creepily Mormon for the fundamentalist Christian base to stomach, that he has yet to offer up a single radical or interesting new idea anyone can identify, and that he values his stable of trophy horses more than anything you possibly care about.

Hell, at this point, we’ll take every advantage we can get.
No shit.

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