Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do Re Mi Redux ¡O Si!

To everybody with a brain who flees the newly seceded Deluded States Of Dumbfuckistan who might head our way - Bienvenidos, amigos, and take the hint about what you're headed into from this highly unusual version of Woody Guthrie's cautionary song to refugees from the Dust Bowl by SoCal homeboy Ry Cooder. A song whose time has come again, perhaps.

Ry Cooder and the Chicken Skin Band play 'Do Re Mi' (written by Woody Guthrie) live at Shepherd's Bush Television Theatre, London in 1977.

Band Lineup: Guitar, Vocals - Ry Cooder, Alto Saxophone - Pat Rizzo, Drums - Isaac Garcia, Bass - Henry 'Big Red' Ojeda, Bajo Sexto - Jesse Poncé, Accordion - Flaco Jimenez, Vocals - Eldridge King, Terry Evans, Bobby King

Thanks to Honeyboy Walter, UK.

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