Sunday, December 23, 2012

Neocons' Last Stand

Robert Parry on the neocons' view of Hagel as SecDef due largely to his stance on the Israel lobby. Worth a read.

The neocons were as stunned as Karl Rove and other GOP operatives when their predictions of a Romney landslide evaporated as the actual votes of the American people were counted. Instead of cashing in their chits with President Romney, the neocons were facing four more years on the outside-looking-in under President Obama.

Then, just days after Obama’s reelection, a second shoe dropped. One of the neocons’ last senior allies in the U.S. government, CIA Director Petraeus, was forced to resign as a result of a humiliating sex scandal.

The stunned neocons suddenly looked out over a Washington where they no longer held key government positions and few possessed top-secret security clearances. They still held lucrative jobs at think tanks and had prominent space on op-ed pages but their direct control of U.S. foreign policy was ending.

Thus, the significance of the neocon counteroffensive against Chuck Hagel, a generally popular Republican who served with distinction as a soldier during the Vietnam War. To demonstrate their continued clout in Washington, the neocons must show they can still claim some important scalps and can still frighten President Obama into retreat.

But the risk the neocons run is that their bold march in pursuit of Sen. Hagel’s scalp may turn out instead to be something of the Neocons’ Last Stand.
I'm down wid dat! Wishing the neocons a speedy demise, here's a little song for them.

Thanks to gypsytwo.


Anonymous said...

ROFL, omg...thanks for the memories! I've not heard that song since I was about 16. That in addition to the idea of the neo-cons falling from their self-erected pedestals gave me such a laugh.

Gordon said...

It's my pleasure, believe me!