Saturday, December 8, 2012

Old Shep

For Tami.

Old Shep he knew he was going to go
for he reached out and licked at my hand
He looked up at me just as much as to say
We're parting but you'll understand

She looked at me like that with her last breath. So long, sweetheart.

Thanks to billbilladaada.


Lloyd said...

It's tough right now, I know.

The last few years we said goodbye to three friends. I was there for two of them. It's hard.

I feel for you in this time of loss, knowing nothing that I say will help.

Gordon said...

It helps a little and thank you.

bearsense said...

I watched the light go out in the eyes of each of our Corgis. Later, I stood on the porch and screamed; and then drank the better part of a bottle of scotch. It didn't make it hurt any less.
So sorry for your loss.

Gordon said...

Thanks, Bear.

Anonymous said...

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