Thursday, July 25, 2013

Response to A Coward's Threat

I tripped over this and I'm glad I did.

Published on Jul 24, 2013
Wayne LaPierre has deliberately mobilized an army of haters who seek to destroy the First Amendment to save their sick view of their rights under the Second. A frequent tool in their arsenal is the anonymous threat. This is about one such threat.

Thanks to Tom Diaz.

Unfortunately, this IS America to all too many. Luckily, when all is said and done, more's been said than done. One thing we have never done at the Brain is make threats and we never will. My motto, from Ross Perot of all places, is "Never threaten. Never warn."

Threats from a distance are hollow. They make the threatener a big man in his own eyes but they mean nothing. Threats to my face, stand the fuck by. I'm safe in saying that because cowards don't have the balls. Maybe the lack of common sense enough, but not quite stupid enough. Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough...

Threats don't have to be answered instantly either. They won't know where and they won't know when, but they'll know WHY. Heh.

More about Mr. Diaz here.


CAFKIA said...

I have been known to say that a properly used weapon comes as a complete surprise to everyone but the guy holding the weapon. I agree, no warning should be forthcoming. In the spirit of your leprechaun quote, I will misquote another diminutive philosopher. Do or do not. There is no threaten.

Gordon said...

Correct you are.