Monday, August 26, 2013

Da Jesus Book

Dis is jus' too good! Via my Facebook and actual frien' Jeff Apaka.

Dis, da Hawai`i Pidgin New Testament (Da Jesus Book) wit 39% a da Ol Testament (Da Befo Jesus Book) dat stay ready fo use. You can find any chapta an verse. Fo any word, you can find all da places wea get dat word. Make um easy fo read an study da Bible.

On da firs' day, Godfella him go surfin'...


WhyNot said...

Wow!!! Thanks muchly for this gem, lol! I know a retarded fucktard cow, named Jeanette Lucey, who clearly studied this version of the bible in depth. Her cow field is Rock Hill (Carolina, can't remember if it's N or S).

She is a true born-again brain-dead fuck, is very proud to claim she voted for Bush 256 times, hates all blacks, hispanics and oriental races; she also hates all nationalities other than American, but with a praticularly acute aversion to Australians, French and Russians. Oh, and Messicans too, of course.

And, of course, she has now converted to Judaism, so she can more actively pariticipate in eradicating those pesky Palestinians.

Lastly, her 2 favorite pastimes are:

1. sucking jesus cocks and shoving jesus dildos up her stinking cunt.

2. making death threats to ppl who disagree with her. She threatened publicly (i.e. on my ex blog) to kill me, at least a dozen times, and also my very special young friend Stiletto, who is a an immigrant in France from Chechnya; as if that wasn't enough a cardinal sin of biblical proportion, Stiletto is also an incredibly beautiful young woman, very smart, speaks 3 languages fluently (EN, FR & RU), and is a prostitute.

If you ever feel like disembowling someone, look no further than Jeanette Lucey; she is so incredibly & enormously fat, her stinking guts will spread all over town.

Gordon said...

Thanks for unloading that. My condolences on your knowing such a retarded fucktard cow. Heh.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

Whoaa....and here I was going to say that Bible might at least be more entertaining to read...but then, I am a mythology nut.