Saturday, August 24, 2013

¡Sin Precio!

The Political Carnival puts a little el spinno and logical expansion on Canuckistanian Cuban Cruz's supporters' viewpoint.

Thanks to The Texas Tribune.

Our own Lucian (@lwdgrfx) spotted more right wing hypocrisy, stupidity, and even found some humor in this eye-popping post at Raw Story.

Birther Christina Katok, of course, an avid Ted Cruz fan, proves once again how so many of these right wing extremists are of very little, if any, brain.
Brain? They're Teabaggers. Don't need no steenkin' brain!

But Katok doesn’t seem to understand a few basics, as you can see in the video where you can watch her say the following at a Texas tea party rally:

“As far as I’m concerned, Canada is not really foreign soil,” she explained, adding that she was more worried about the president’s “strong ties to Kenya.” She noted that Obama had not released his long-form birth certificate until after he was elected.

What if Canadians were brown people who didn’t speak English, Birther Christina? Would you make the same claim, as far as you’re concerned? What if President Obama’s skin was as white as yours?

I’ll dispense with further snarky commentary, because Lucian nailed it in two sentences. As he points out so astutely:

“If Canada ‘is not really foreign soil’ because they’re our neighbors, then neither is Mexico. Therefore, we no longer need to worry about deporting Mexican citizens here without papers because hey, what’s the problem – they’re not foreigners!

Trying to maintain Ted Cruz is eligible for the presidency but President Obama is not? Priceless.”
I have only three things to add:


2. Bwahahahaha!

3. ¡Hola, amigos!


bearsense said...

I've been in several situations where Americans express surprise that Canada is a "foreign" country.
Lucian really did nail it.
..... and gee, gosh, golly; why don't we have a health-care system like theirs ??

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing on Cruz's birth certificate to indicate that his father was a Canadian.

Now, Cruz needs to show his father's citizenship in Canada or he may have to renounce his Cuban citizenship, too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous just made my evening!

Jay in N.C.

casey said...

Hello Gordon,

Rafael Cruz made a statement that he was always a Texan. An outright lie as he spent the first 4 years of his life in Canada and as one of the other comments made by Birther Christina Katok that Canada in her "mind" was not really foreign soil. I think that she suffers the of excessive bleach blond fume inhaling and topical hair useage. She like the other "baggers" spew so much bs that that they qualify as fertilizer plants and should be inspected every 6 months or sooner to see if they potentially will explode. As for the other baggers speaking it always seems that the stupid level has and will continue to reach a new low.

Gordon said...

You guys are enjoying the shit outta this nonsense as much as I am!

WhyNot said...

"You guys are enjoying the shit outta this nonsense as much as I am!"

No shit!!! However, the REAL test case is: one of my 2 pussycats is white, I mean ALL WHITE, from nose to tip of tail. I therefore declare her as a non-deportable true-blue, caucasian, nigger-hater, US presidential material pussy!

What say you guys?