Monday, August 12, 2013

Quote of the Day

From Why Hillary Terrifies the GOP:

“Hillary Clinton—the name alone strikes dread in the heart of freedom loving Americans.”

Bonus QotD:

From A pathetic day for the Republican Party:

Mitch McConnell is humiliated by a staffer, but can't fire him -- because the Tea Party has more power than he does
A second Bwahahahaha! of the Day too. Man, I'm lovin' this!

Holy Crap! Another one!

Santorum: Liberals ‘make it uncomfortable’ to shower at the YMCA
He must be afraid to find out the truth about "frothy mixture".

My sides, they hurt...


montag said...

Santorum is uncomfortable at the Y because anyone who showers there probably can't afford the lube.

Gordon said...

I'm not so sure. I used to go to the Y in Beverly Hills and those guys could afford to have someone apply the lube for them. :-)