Monday, September 30, 2013

Common Sense At Last!

Raw Story

Farmers in California may finally begin growing industrial hemp under a new law signed Wednesday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Lawmakers have been discussing the proposal since 1999 to allow approved residents to grow hemp for industrial purposes by reclassifying the plant as a fiber or oilseed crop.

Similar bills have been vetoed four times by three different California governors over concerns about federal laws outlawing industrial hemp, which is considered no different from marijuana under U.S. law.

But U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said the federal government won’t interfere with states that permit the possession or regulation of marijuana.

California lawmakers have said industrial hemp should obviously be permitted, since it’s not even technically a drug.

Governor Moonbeam is working out quite well for my state the second time around! Probably better than the first time.


montag said...

Depending on where it is grown, this could really piss off the marijuana growers. The last thing they want is any possibility of cross pollination.

WhyNot said...

What I don't understand is what is all the fuss and paranoia about marijuana. It is perfectly legal in most of Europe to grow your own (for personal consumption), and my living for 2 years in Florida confirmed that Europeans are no more retarded and fucked in the head than Americans.

In case you think I am speaking from a personally "interested" point of view, don't: I'm semi allegic to dope, and react very badly to it. But my last girlfriend, Odile, grew her own in her huge garden, smoked every day and gave away chunks to her close friends. And it sure didn't affect her intelligence or temper: she was very smart, calm and collected.

If the US gov REALLY wanted to do something useful when it comes to prohibition, they should outlaw the multitude of born-again religions: I've only ever met 2 of them cunts, and one of them was retarded and completely gaga, and the other threatened multiple times to assassinate me and to have a young Russian friend of mine (Olga - Russian but lives in France and is a prostitute) deported and murdered.

Oh yeah, don't ya just LOVE that born-again jesus-cock-sucking xtian spirit?

Brian said...

Years ago, a local farm up here in Canada was growing some industrial hemp as an experiment. It came to an end when one night a bunch of ill-informed teenagers jumped the fence and made off with most of the crop. I laughed to think of the headaches they got, smoking what amounted to cordage: "Uhh, you feel anything yet?" "No, you?" I see the same thing happening in California, at least a few times!