Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The End of U.S. Imperium - Finally!

David Stockman

Next week Congress can do far more than stop a feckless Tomahawk barrage on a small country that is already a graveyard of civil war and sectarian slaughter. By voting “no,” it can trigger the end of the American Imperium—five decades of incessant meddling, bullying, and subversion around the globe that has added precious little to national security but left America fiscally exhausted and morally diminished.

The screaming strategic truth is that America no longer has any industrial state enemies capable of delivering military harm to its shores: Russia has become a feeble kleptocracy run by a loud-mouthed thief, and the Communist Party oligarchs in China would face a devastating economic collapse within months were they to attack their American markets for sneakers and Apples. So the real question now before Congress is, how is it possible that the peace-loving citizens of America, facing no industrial-scale military threat from anywhere on the planet, find themselves in a constant state of war? The answer is that they have been betrayed by the Beltway political class, which is in thrall to a vast warfare state apparatus that endlessly invents specious reasons for meddling, spying, intervention, and occupation.

I don't necessarily agree with all the writer's points but I'd like to see the end of American Imperialism, in particular the mess we've made for ourselves in the Middle East. Please read the rest.


WhyNot said...

"I don't necessarily agree with all the writer's points but I'd like to see the end of American Imperialism, in particular the mess we've made for ourselves in the Middle East."

You're not the only one. Another 7 or 8 billion ppl on this planet feel the same.

I'm not sure what part of what this dude writes which you "don't necessarily agree with". I ,for one, slightly disagree with his "feeble kleptocracy" statement. "kleptocracy", yeah, absolutely, but hey, hardly worse than USA or most European countries.

However... "feeble"??? Errrr... I wonder what he means by that. If it's from a military point of view, Russia still has more nukes than needed to blow this entire planet into thousands of lil asteroids; what exactly is "feeble" about that?

And if it's from an economical point of view, nearly ALL of Europe's oil is supplied by Russia (via gigantic pipelines), because it is cheaper and more reliable than oil coming via super tankers from the middle East. And trust me, that's a LOT of fuckin' oil, which translates into extremely beaucoup trillion roubles.

But all in all, I think the world is lucky, because I think it has at long last reached a point where warring and rampant imperialism might be buried for good. Not because mankind has become less stupid, (alas), but because in spite of its stupidity, it realizes that a third world war would result in the anhilation of this planet.

Gordon said...

By not "necessarily agreeing" I simply meant I agreed with some of what he had to say and did not agree with some. He made some good points.

We CANNOT annihilate the planet. We can annihilate LIFE on it, but the planet got along just fine without it for billions of years and can easily get along without it again until the sun winks out in about 5 billion more. I guess we could blow the planet to smithereens but I don't think humans are smart enough to be that stupid. I'm not trying to be facetious.