Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh, the irony...

I need some comic relief. Ironic Times.

GOP Confused, Divided About Why It Shut Down Government, What It Wants
As predicted in Revelations.

There's no such thing as a free credit score.
Actually, there is:

More Drama in NYC Motorcycle Melee
Everyone involved was an undercover cop.
Now that's undercover work!

Weighing Campaign Finance Law, Scalia Says, “I Don't Think $3.5 Million is a Heck of a Lot of Money”
Barely enough to buy a Congressman.

Scalia Says He Believes in the Devil
Consults him regularly.
Easy. Ol' Scratch shares a phone number with the Koch bros on Fat Tony's speed dial.

Hanukkah, Thanksgiving Fall On Same Day for Last Time In Nearly 80,000 Years
Providing extremely rare eight days of indigestion.


dpjbro said...

When Alito couldn't wrap his mind around the concept of money laundering campaign funds, Scalia explained that the devil hides himself in the details nowadays. And nobody laughed.

Gordon said...

They do not laugh at the devil's emissary to the court.