Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dick Dynasty II

TBogg via Raw Story.

When we last checked in on la famiglia Cheney, family patriarch and Undead Thing Dick Cheney was hitting the gasbag shows and flogging his heart surgery book The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Who Shoots You In the Face. Grande dame and soft-core lesbian fan-fic author Lynn Cheney was going Full Metal Carrie on Alan Simpson at some Wyoming society event and, yes Wyoming does too have society events so stop laughing right this minute mister or be forever persona non grata at the annual Greater Laramie Sheepherder’s Embraceable Ewe Cotillion and Tractor Pull.

But what of daughter Liz’s campaign to return, Odysseus-like, to her ancestral home in McLean, VA. as well as join the Senate as the distaff version of Ted Cruz … but without the charm?

Lizzie has gone from "Daddy's 5th Deferment" to "Serious Adult Daddy Issues". Looks like the Wyomingstanians ain't having it.


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"No.". Lol, clear and concise! Actually, I had a look at her profile; there is a photo of her, and assuming it's really her, she is very cute. Maybe she is desperate for a quickie? Come on... be a real gentleman and rescue a lady in distress!

Hey Emily,

If you read this, and if you're in the mood to visit the South of France, come see me. I'll take you for a grand tour of the Riviera, starting with my huge and extremely comfortable king size bed. Smooches!

PS: Gordon, I don't have the faintest clue of what the fuck you're talking about in your article above, but it doesn't matter cuz I really enjoyed reading your witty sarcastic style. Thanks muchly!