Monday, January 13, 2014

Ouote of the Day

I'm not too interested in "Bridgegazi" as other than a "popcorn - extra butter!" moment. Anything that keeps the ostensibly "sane" Repug out of the '16 Presidential race is a GOOD thing. If the crazies are the only ones they can field, we're safe.

That said, the Repugs are putting a double-reverse spin on the whole deal that I find hilarious. From a pretty good piece called "Christie apologists hit rock bottom: Why the right’s lame, new defense is doomed to fail":

Conservatives can (and do) whine that the problem here is media bias — that the media largely ignored IRS and Benghazi then swarmed over the Christie story because he’s a Republican. The scientific term for this argument is “bullshit.”

"Bullshit" is the all-encompassing scientific term for everything else the Repugs do as well.

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