Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quote of the Day

From "Bobby Jindal Gives Up, Joins the 'Stupid Party'":

Which is to say, if “Jindal 2016” were a race horse, I wouldn’t just hedge my bets—I’d buy shares in the glue factory.

Jindal's presidential aspirations died with his Howdy Doody/Kenneth the Page GOP response to the SOTU speech years ago. He's the only one who doesn't know it.

Update: Bonus QotD

From "Bobby Jindal: The Motherfucker at Work" by The Rude Guess Whom:

And then Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, likely loser in the 2016 presidential race, walked up to the mike and decided, quite vividly, "Fuck this shit. I got some primaries to win."
Fearless prediction: He won't win even one. He will likely not even make a serious run at it if anyone has the balls to tell him he's darker "colored" than Obama and the south has had enough of that uppity shit!


Deidra said...

I wasn't living in France in 1984, but I've been here for many many years, and I'm a bit puzzeld about your "Saturday emmylou blogging" article about Johnny Hallyday, especially regarding describing him as France's "favorite rocker".

Lol. My boyfriend is an emminent musician, not only as a musician per se, but as a very successful live player for decades, and I can assure you than Johnny has been dead and buried for decades. As to Johnny Halliday, you could walk around the streets of any city/town in France and ask anybody: all you'd get is a blank puzzled stare and maybe a few words like "errr... Johnny who?"

In fact, the only "live" music (apart from classical) thriving in France are Funk, Fusion and Latin music. The old idols like Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour have been dead and burried for decades.

What planet are you living on? Must be the same one as US presidents do, and it explains why you guys ain't got the faintest clue of what's going on outside USA, not only politically but also culturally and in every other way.

And especialy in Europe: you guys clearly don't even realize Europe is on the same planet as USA.

Why don't you rant about something you might vaguely have a clue about? Ya know, ... for a nice change... hey, ya never know, it might improve your systematic "0 COMMENT PER BLOG RANT" status.

Honestly: why do you keep on writing crap nobody ever reads, let alone feels like responding to? Beats my Irish pussy.



PS: don't despair: when I said "the crap you write and nobody reads", I was exaggerating, and I confess BIG MEA CULPA: I do read it once every few weeks, whenever I'm in the mood for something more wacko than the fabulous Marx Brothers. Now, if you guys had any sense, you'd have voted Groucho as US president decades ago and USA wouldn't be the joke it is today.


Anonymous said...

Bit harsh there Deirdre of the sorrows.
Buachaill Mor