Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Court rejects his request to work with troubled teens.
Heh. Will he get any bunga-bunga? Depends...

Fired Yahoo! Exec Receives $58 Million Severance Package After Just 15 Months on Job
“Yahoo!” he exclaims, and files for unemployment.

Only 1 in 6 Americans Can Find Ukraine on a Map
Only 1 in 600 Americans can find a map.

NCAA Approves Unlimited Food for Division I Athletes
If they sign an agreement before each meal not to unionize.


WhyNot said...

"Only 1 in 600 Americans can find a map."

Lol. This reminds me of something that happened some 10 years ago or so. A beauty contest in Nth (or Sth) Carolina. The 18-year old girl was interviewed by a TV crew and asked a few questions about her life, her tastes, ambitions, etc.

When asked about what she thought regarding people's political views in different parts of the USA, she said something like:

"I think I heard that in some of the soutern states, things are very bad. Like Louisiana and South Africa, for example"

Lol. But wait, it gets even better: I mentioned that on my now defunct blog, and everybody burst out laughing, except for this old born-again xtian harpie (Jeanette Lucey), who jumped to her defence, brandishing this unbeatable argument:

"What's your problem, you'll people? The poor girl is only 18!!!"

Oh right! MY BAD! Silly me!!! It's only too natural that an 18 year old American girl should learn at school that South Africa is one of states of USA!!!

Gordon said...

Thank you for your civility, WhyNot. That one can stay. I remember that southern dimwit too.