Monday, August 29, 2016

Oh, the irony...

Just so y'all know, the Brain has passed 3 million visitors over its 12 years. Thank you. If I knew how to make a decent happy face, I'd put one here.

Ironic Times

Houston: “White Lives Matter” Protesters Picket NAACP
Demand reparations for centuries of feeling guilty for their cruel and immoral behavior toward blacks.
Hawaii: “Astronauts” Emerge From Dome, Completing Simulated Year on Mars
When told who's running for president, they go back in dome, lock it.
Nephew of Colonel Sanders Unwittingly Divulges Secret KFC Recipe
Expected to cost company $1 billon a week in China alone.
New York's Subways to Get a New, More Spacious Car
People who live in them had requested it.


Arthur Mervyn said...

Congratulations! Many years of reading, sadly with RIP to Lurch along the way.

Gordon said...

Thank you. We still miss Lurch too.