Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

( written byEmmylou Harris, Kate McGarrigle &Anna McGarrigle)

Thanks to susannaevelyn.

In my imagination
You are my dear companion
And l'm the one you cling to
And your voice still calls my name
Before your heart began to wander
And mine was torn asunder
Before the fairer and the younger
Before the cryin' game
All those girls with their long dark tresses
Waltzing out in their Sunday dresses
All their sweet soft warm caresses
Cannot hold you like l do
And though you say you do notlove me
And your dreams are never of me
I will dream my dream of you
In my dreams you are the swallow
Coming back to Capistrano
And l'm the sound of the bells you follow
But in this world dreams don't come true
Still when you're lost out in the desert
When your fire's a dying ember
The last light you remember
Will be the light l shed for you
Mine is no ordinary star love
I see exactly where you are love
And no one else could shine that far love
To bring you safely through
And though you say you do not want me
And made no promises to haunt me
I will dream my dream of you
The sorrows flow down like a fountain
Over the miles beyond our countin'
More than the flowers of the mountain
Or the raindrops in the sea
But if Heaven?s just a dreaming
Surely my love will be redeeming
And you will dream your dream of me

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