Monday, November 20, 2017

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

House Republicans Strip Individual Mandate to Buy Health Insurance from ACA
But promise to send thoughts and prayers to all who need medical help but can’t pay for it.
Radio Message Sent to Nearby Star System; Reply Could Come in Less Than 25 Years
The brief message: “Sup?”
Head of Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee: If Moore Wins in Alabama, He Should be Expelled “Because He Does Not Meet the Ethical and Moral Requirements of the United States Senate”
“An extremely low bar,” he adds.
Trump Won’t Meet With Nobel Prize Winners in Science
Says just thinking about it gives him a headache.

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Anonymous said...

Gordon, it has been on my mind for 2-3 years to put in this note of gratitude to you. Several years back (before you and Fixer moved the conversation to Facebook) you mentioned the Louvin Brothers. I was pretty sure I had probably heard them courtesy of my father but I couldn't really remember the sound. I have been listening to the Louvins ever since. My God, they are good! So - many thanks.

Jay in N.C.