Sunday, October 24, 2004

Gazette-Urinal Rolls Dice* For Kerry

The Reno Gazette-Journal, a newspaper oft scorned for its pro-casino-owner positions came out on Saturday for Big John.

That conflict manifests itself in the Gazette-Journal’s Editorial Board, which found itself split on the choice for president. The choice came down to which candidate best represented the values that Americans hold most dear: compassion for the have-nots and those who feel they have been left out, a dedication to the principles set forth in the Bill of Rights, and a commitment to open government as well as free and open debate. That candidate is Sen. John Kerry.

That the administration of George W. Bush largely has been a failure is difficult to deny.

As to Kerry’s leadership abilities and honesty, Northern Nevadans should take the word of Sen. Harry Reid. Nevadans have entrusted Reid with their state’s position on the national stage for 18 years. He has known Kerry for 20 years and has seen him in action close up. When Kerry says that he will not allow Yucca Mountain to be used as a nuclear waste repository, Reid says that Nevadans can believe him. And when Reid says that Kerry is a superb leader who will make this nation proud again, Nevadans can believe him.

Thanks for doing the right thing, RGJ.

*The RGJ has 'come out' for Kerry. The first roll in craps is the 'come-out' roll. Reference is to legal gaming in Nevada for our many readers in convents.

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