Wednesday, September 14, 2005

And speaking of clusterfucking . . .

BAGHDAD, Iraq - At least 73 people were killed and 162 wounded early Wednesday when a suicide bomber detonated his vehicle near a group of construction workers in a Shiite district in northern Baghdad, police said.

[. . .]

So tell me, what has actually gone right over the last five years? I mean, blowing away all the Republican rhetoric, what exactly can they point to that's been a benifit to this nation? What do we have to show for the past five years? Nothing but death, destruction, and disaster. Oh yeah, that $300 check from the IRS I got a couple years ago. Gee, thanks a fucking lot.

Maybe it is time for what I call a 'Bastille Moment'. Maybe it is just about time to storm the gates. I mean, after catching some of the Roberts hearings, I sure as Hell know the Democrats in the Senate are all taking turns sharing the same set of balls. If you heard Schmuck Schumer (D-NY) yesterday, "You know you're going to be Chief Justice", it's already a foregone conclusion he'll be confirmed.

Hel-lo, Idiots? Every single nominee, every single piece of legislation that comes from the Republican side of the Congress or the White House itself should be opposed and filibustered by every Democrat. If some don't want to toe the party line, it's time to back those candidates who will. How long will you spineless wimps let these treasonous bastids get away with everything?

And just a note: At the shop, when somebody fucks something simple up, a question is asked. "What are you, a fucking Republican?"

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