Monday, January 2, 2006


I never go to wingnut sites. Couldn't give a shit 'how the other half lives'. One of the few rules here at the Brain is I don't allow links to any right-wing sites. And I've said it a million times, I don't know how a lovely lady like Pam goes there for her 'Freeper Quotes' installments at the Blend, and still keep her lunch down.

That said, I was visiting the General this morning and I come across a post with pics of some of the 101st Keyboard Kommandos. To borrow a quote from my pal Jay, "are you effin' kidding me?"

What a buncha losers. They think their rifles make up for their deficiencies, judging by the way they hold 'em. Sorry to hear about your penises, guys (A favorite saying of Mrs. F's to men going through mid-life crises). Just an aside, don't look like any of these guys have seen their pricks in a long time.

Do they think they're soldiers? Do they think they're men because they shoot a Koran full of holes, stab it with a bayonet, and then set it alight? Real brave bunch they are. Just the guys I'd want to share a fighting hole with, if we could all fit in one. Yeesh, but this is what passes for 'men' on the right; same kinda 'men' who run the government. Fat clowns with too much time on their hands. Buncha chickenshits. It'd be something if they took all that fancy hardware and brought it to Iraq, maybe shoot at a few 'Hajis' instead of a defenseless holy book. Oh...sorry...I forgot...the 'Hajis' shoot back; don't they?

I wouldn't let one of these idiots carry my rifle. Losers.

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