Sunday, April 9, 2006

Resignation's good, but it's not enough

Think Progress

This morning on CNN, New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh addressed the uproar at the highest levels of the U.S. military over plans to launch a massive strike against Iran that would include nuclear weapons:

HERSH: I'm saying if this isn't walked back and if the President isn't told that you cannot do it - and once the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, some senior members of the military say to the President, let's get the nuclear option off the table, it will be taken off. He will not defy the military in a formal report. Unless something specific is told to the White House that you've got to drop the dream of a nuclear option, and that's exactly the issue I'm talking about, people have said to me they would resign.

BLITZER: Do you want to name names?

HERSH: Are you kidding?

BLITZER: I'm giving you the opportunity.

HERSH: No. You know why? Because this is a punitive government right now. This is a government that pretty much has its back against the wall, as you've been saying all morning in iraq, and in the military - one thing about our military, they're very loyal to the president, but they're getting to the edge. They're getting to the edge with not only Rumsfeld, but with Cheney and the President.

Resignation in order to not commit an unspeakably horrible crime or to speak out is good, but marching the 2d Marine Division (pick your favorite outfit) down Pennsylvania Avenue to assault and secure the White House and arrest the heads of state would be a lot better.

There's always gonna be some fuckin' Colonel out there who would do anything to be a General, including selling his soul to the neocon devils by following the insane criminal order to nuke Iran.

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