Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dear Comcast,

You suck.Big giant rabid wolverine penises.

I pay you WAY too much money every month.For what?Let's see...

Last night was a Saturday night,and what do I find?

TEN channels,yes ,TEN channels with stories of murdered white women.One of the ten switched over to a story about a murdered banker in Italy from the 80's.

Or,I could have watched reruns on the major networks.Or more stories of murdered and raped women.

Since it's Memorial Day Weekend,on the science and history channels it's all war all the time.I'd like to hope this country has more history to offer than war and it's machinery,but hey,I'm just a girl,what do I know?

Oh and enough of this fucking"It's Comcastic!"advertising.Jesus Christ on a plate of noodles,what brain trust did you hire to come up with THAT? If anything,it makes me want to pick up the phone and cancel my service.

I know,I know,you don't decide what programs are on a particular channel.I get that.Dish Network,Direct TV, and other cable companies are no different than Comcast,you aren't special or"comcastic".But for the lousy 100 bucks a month I pay you people just to even HAVE TV reception,the least you could do is use your clout to pressure the TV industry to provide something of substance and interest.

If it weren't for my husband and his tech weenie self,I'd throw all your equipment,along with our home theater system out in my driveway and back over it repeatedly with my car.After which I'd set the whole mess on fire.

I'm going to go read a book now.

A Disgruntled Customer(and maybe not a customer for much longer)

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