Monday, August 7, 2006

Did ya miss me?

First of all,Bellsouth blows giant iguana weenies(little iguana weenies too).Our DSL connection went down Saturday,and just try to talk to a live human being at that company,jeebus.I spent many hours of my life I'll never get back waiting on hold(92 minutes the last time),or talking to a guy who I simply could not communicate with effectively(when I did talk to a live human,it was the same guy every time,what are the odds?).That part's probably my fault mostly,because I'm sitting here staring at this electrical box thingy in the garage trying to explain to him how all this crap is hooked up.Turns out the problem wasn't in our house,but at some main box/connection/cable down the street.

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're not on the internets,lol. Yesterday me and the kiddo went through his room and cleared out a massive amount of old books,toys and clothes.Then we prepped the room to be painted.When he was little,I painted the room to look like he was sitting in the middle of the solar system,surrounded by planets and stars on a midnight blue backround.But(as he reminds me all the time)he's about to become a teenager(cue scary music now),so it's time for some updating.We're going with a skateboard dude/graffiti theme this time around.Or chinese dragons,he's still deciding.

Anyhoo,if I happen to disappear for a day or two again,blame Bellsouth.I really need to find another internet provider.

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