Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"...this small dim man..."

Typically low-key, enjoyable Garrison Keillor:

The French have a new president, the British will soon have a new P.M., and we envy them as we endure the endless wait for this small dim man to go back to Texas and resume his life. His party is coming to see that it must figure out how to tell the truth about him if it is to compete in 2008, but so far nobody has stepped forward and wound up to throw the pie. Their clock is stuck in the fall of 2001. They are sleepwalking toward the precipice.

I stepped off a precipice once in pitch dark. Actually it was a street level retaining wall and I fell about eight feet into Donner Creek. Luckily, it was running low and there wasn't anything sharp sticking up. I didn't get hurt, just wet. I hope the Repugs aren't as lucky.

Note: the article is at Salon. I got to watch an ad for Pan's Labyrinth, which I really want to see.

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