Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mention the President, Lose a Case?

Apparently President George W. Bush is now so unpopular that some lawyers believe the mere mention of his name in front of a jury could tip the scales against them.

Attorneys Michael P. Laffey and Robert P. DiDomenicis of Holsten & Associates in Media, Pa., are defending Upper Darby Township, Pa., in a civil rights suit brought by Harold Lischner, an 82-year-old doctor who claims he was falsely arrested for displaying an anti-war sign at a Bush campaign event in September 2003.

With the case set to go to trial on July 23, the defense lawyers recently filed a flurry of motions, including one that asked Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Gene E.K. Pratter to prohibit the plaintiff from mentioning Bush's name.

That bears repeating: They arrested an 82-year-old man for displaying an anti-war sign at a Bush campaign event.

Boy, there's some "law & order" for ya, huh? So much for exercise of First Amendment rights if the current occupant doesn't like it. At least Bush can't order "off with his head!"


A final note: if you go read the article, drink some triple-caffeine Java and take a lunch. It was written by lawyers.

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