Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Take a break, troopers...

Another BuzzFlash guest contribution, by Charlie Jackson:

President Bush and the U.S. Congress plan to be on vacation throughout the month of August. The Iraqi parliament will leave town as well, according to White House spokesman Tony Snow.

When the heat is on (up to 130 degrees in Baghdad), why should anyone work? Therefore, all U.S. personnel currently serving in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are hereby encouraged to take August off too.

After all, there is general consensus that no matter what tactics are employed, the military, political, and economic situation in Iraq will remain unstable at best throughout the summer. Little progress can be made while the denizens of freedom and liberty are vacationing in Kennebunkport and Aqaba.

Even General Petreaus, sleeping in the air-conditioned comfort of the Republican Palace in the Green Zone deserves a break. Perhaps he and George Casey can share a game of cribbage while in Martha's Vineyard. After all, dissembling for an Administration divorced from reality must be hard work.

So, let's hear it for the troops. Instead of sending care packages with Baby Wipes® and Purel®, we should instead encourage a permanent vacation back home in the good ol' U.S.A. Take August off, then September, October, November, and December as well. How about a complete shutdown of the entire military for awhile?

Or perhaps our men and women in uniform should invite the beltway plutocrats and pundits to join them for a restful time in Baqouba or Sadr City. I am sure that after only a few hours, even advocates of realpolitik would decide it's time to "go home."

Everyone could use a holiday from war this August. Agreed?

Agreed. A permanent holiday. At the very least, our troops should hide 'n skate while the pols are goofing off in the vacation fleshpots of the world. The fighting and dying can continue very nicely without them.

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