Friday, January 4, 2008

All for a buck ...

Ol' Montag snagged this:


Six months ago, the Bush administration quietly eased some restrictions on the export of politically delicate technologies to China. The new approach was intended to help American companies increase sales of high-tech equipment to China despite tight curbs on sharing technology that might have military applications.

But today the administration is facing questions from weapons experts about whether some equipment — newly authorized for export to Chinese companies deemed trustworthy by Washington — could instead end up helping China modernize its military. Equally worrisome, the weapons experts say, is the possibility that China could share the technology with Iran or Syria.


Neither the Bush administration nor the Republican Party give a shit about your safety or 'American interests'. The only thing they think about is making money at our expense. It's time to cull the herd on K Street by about three quarters.

Time to do a lotta shit. Hopefully, one of these twits running will, but I think their hands are too far in the till already. I wish I could support one of them but I can only see the Dems as the lesser of two evils. So long as the big money is part of the system, the public's interest is the first to get sold out.

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