Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kill me ...

As I sit here watching the news, trying to talk myself into going to work, I notice I'm sick of the primary coverage. The most I glean is that nobody knows anything about how they'll turn out. The thing I am waiting for (though I'll probably never see) is for one of these talking head clowns to acknowledge the fact that all the Rethug candidates are batshit crazy. That or Alzheimer's patients. Am I the only one who has no idea what McCain's talking about?

And something else for you to consider. Athenae brings up a good point by SteveB:


When I read that, I wondered, "What are Republicans required to do to prove their seriousness?"

For some reason, it's only Democrats who are required to fuck over their constituents to prove their seriousness. No member of the pundit class demanded, in 2000, that George W. Bush demonstrate his seriousness by taking on the oil industry. And who would dare to suggest that Huckabee needs to prove his seriousness by taking on the Christian right and advocating the teaching of evolution in public schools?

And it's Democrats who always have to "prove" that they're willing - and even eager - to use military force. Because the voters need to be reassured that a Democratic President won't be a total pacifist. No reassurance required that the next Republican President won't get us into another stupid war.


But then, the media would have to think war is stupid. All of them have this Hemingway-esque need to go to a war zone, probably seeing it as the fast track to the big time. If it weren't for the media flag-waving and the need for Democrats to 'prove' they have a set, we probably wouldn't be in Iraq right now.

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